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Steel Strap

  Steel strapping kits

12mm steel strapping


All tools and seals in these kits are matched for optimum performance and safety. 

All Kits include:

  • 3 rolls of strapping
  • 1 x 1000 metal seals
  • 1 Tensioner which can be used for 12mm, 16mm and 19mm strap
  • 1 Sealer for (1)specific width only

Mobile trolley or static dispenser (pictured) highly recommended.

Indispensable labour and back saving device.

Allows operator to strap goods anywhere the trolley will go in and outside of the warehouse.

Contains all tools and manages rolls of  strapping 12mm 19mm widths.



12mm kit   $384.00 + GST
Inc static dispenser  $509.00 + GST
Inc mobile trolley 
$676.00 + GST

16mm kit  $486.00 + GST
Inc static dispenser  $661.00 + GST
Inc mobile trolley
$776.00 + GST 

19mm kit  $521.00 + GST
Inc static dispenser  $696.00 + GST

Inc mobile trolley
$813.00 + GST

Static Dispenser  - Cost $125.00 + GST

Mobile Trolley  - Cost $292.00 + GST 

For pricing of individual tools, strapping or seals please call our offices -1800 899 555


Delivery available nationwide.

16mm steel strapping

19mm steel strapping
metal seals
(requires tensioner and sealer below)
metal sealer
tensioner tensioner
sealer sealer
static steel strapping dispenser static steel strap dispenser
mobile steel strapping trolleys