Plastic Strapping and Tools


Plastic strapping kit: 12mm

Kit contains:
1 x 1000m dispenser pack of strap
1 x 1000 metal seals
1 strapping sealer 12mm
1 Tensioner to suit.12-19mm strap

*Recommended for securing cartons
 or pallets, the tensioner requires a flat
 surface for optimum performance. 

12mm Kit - Price $259.00 +GST
15mm Kit - Price $290.00 +GST
15mm[Heavy Duty] Kit - $345.00 +GST
19mm Kit - Price $366.30 +GST

Usage Instructions:
Buckle instructions (click to download pdf)
Tensioner instructions (click to download pdf)


Delivery available nationwide.

Poly Strap

12mm poly strap strapping
15mm poly strap
19mm poly strap


metal seals
(requires tensioner / sealer)

metal seal

metal buckles
(secured by hand)

plastic poly buckles
(secured by hand)
19mm poly strap kit dispenser
$259.00 +GST

Highly recommended