Pallet Wrap Stretch Film - Hand Rolls


Australian made high quality blown film.  

Hand Wrap

  20 micron hand rolls clear
  23 micron hand rolls clear
  25 micron hand rolls black
  hand wrap metal dispenser

Machine Wrap

  17 mic x 1800m clear machine rolls blown film
  20 mic x 1500m clear machine rolls cast film
  20 mic x 1800m black machine rolls blown film
  24 mic x 1420m black machine rolls cast film

Seen at work here is our most popular grade, 23um "blown" stretch wrap. This film has a strong "memory", which pulls the cartons together on the pallet and excellent "tack" which allows the film to grip itself on all sides, further stabilizing the load.

Australian made high quality blown film, we guarantee this is the best hand stretch you will ever use.

Semi & fully automatic machines available.

Please call for our competitive price.