The Naturally Friendly Packaging

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The Basic Material is Nature’s Recipe.
A Starch mixture made from potato or wheat is processed and extruded into Envirofill.

Intensive research into the area of natural raw materials and innovative engineering has gone into the development of this ecologically responsible cushioning product.

Cushioning, Ecology and Economy
Envirofill is the first biodegradable interior cushioning material
that also meets the highest standards of packaging protection.
This unique, flowable cushioning product is derived from natural, annually renewable resources at a cost comparable to high quality EPS.
Envirofill may be dispensed from ceiling hoppers and silos, freeing up and saving on valuable floor space.

Functional Advantages
• Light
• Clean
• Free-Flowing
• Static Free
• Versatile
• Complements speed of packaging

Ecological Advantages
• 100% biodegradable
• Compostable without residues
• Rapid organic recycling
• Made from annually renewable resources
• Water- Soluble, does not pollute groundwater