ECO Bubble

Owen Cripps and Co is proud to introduce the first fully biodegradable, recyclable bubblewrap product available in Australia, as part of our commitment to environmentally sound products.

OXO-B Eco Bubble is similar to standard bubblewrap and offers the same protection and quality you have come to expect from our products.

As with all our bubble and foam products, Eco Bubble is recyclable and has a shelf life of up to 18 months.



Standard Stock Sizes


10mm x 1.5m x 100m    
Eco 10mm x 1.5m x 100m (double sided)  
Eco 20mm x 1.5m x 100m    
Eco 30mm x 1.5m x 75m    
Eco 10mm 375mm x 100m Perf @ 500mm  

We can slit and perforate rolls to your individual requirements including custom bubble wallets and sheets.

View PDF file for product information.

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