TUFF Courier Satchels

Tired of flimsy, weak plastic envelopes that don’t survive Australia Post?

Looking for super tough courier bags at rock bottom prices?

Introducing Courier Tuff bags – available in a RANGE OF SIZES…

Perfect for sending:  

Soft furnishings Children’s wear Lingerie
Clothing Cushions, blankets and linen Shoes
Swimwear Fabric Product samples
CDs DVDs  

These durable, multilayered bags are moisture and tear resistant. Their secure, high strength closure means these bags are also tamper proof.

Unlike other plastic envelopes these bags easily take handwriting with a pen or permanent marker.

Need extra information on packaging materials including bubblewrap, tape, cardboard boxes and other envelopes?

Quantity discounts apply
10K can be mixed less 20%

Quantities over 10K POA
Please call customer service on (02)8338 0244.


Size Mailers
190mm x 260mm + 50 2000 CTP BAG 1 $159.00+GST
250mm x 325mm + 50 1000 CTP BAG 2 $185.50+GST
280mm x 380mm + 50 1000 CTP BAG 3 $207.65+GST
340mm x 440mm + 50 750 CTP BAG 4 $265.35+GST
420mm x 450mm + 50 500 CTP BAG 5 $286.15+GST
600mm x 650mm + 50 250 CTP BAG 6 $481.00+GST


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