Adhesive Backed Bubblewrap and Foam


Cohesive P10mm bubblewrap and AdhesiveP1 Foam coated with aggressive yet non-permanent adhesive enabling product to be protected within a folded piece of bubblewrap, with no movement within the “pouch“ created, then reopened without adhesive transfer.
Also for temporary protection of surfaces and edges.
Perfect for quick, cheap protection of goods in transit.



AdhesiveP10 bubblewrap, coated with a more aggressive and longer lasting adhesive for specific industrial protection such as manufacture of products or applications in the fabrication and building industries.


Both products can be slit and perforated for maximum cost efficiency.
Cost of which is inclusive in roll price.
Standard roll specifications are outlined below.


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Adhesive - Air Bubble



1250mm x 100m Adhesive backed



Adhesive - PE foam

  1250mm x 100m Adhesive backed P02Adhesive

Cohesive - Air Bubble



1200mm x 100m Cohesive backed



Cohesive - PE foam

  1200mm x 100m Cohesive backed P02Cohesive



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